Wertz Austin



– Austin Wertz


To say I was satisfied with the care I received at Éonus Specialty Ortho would be an understatement. The centers constant strive to provide top of the line treatment, along with maximum comfort for its patients was not only extremely reassuring, but also encouraging. It was refreshing to see a group of people working together not just as a team, but with an enthusiasm and professionalism I have not seen paralleled in any other dentist office. In many situations (especially in the area of orthopedics) one has no other choice but to have faith in his or her dentist. However, at Éonus Specialty Ortho all the dentists carefully explain each step of the procedure as one begins his or her orthopedic journey, and, paired with the constant encouragement and confidence of the dentist towards the patient, one begins to understand that the hope he or she invests in the dentist is no longer one that is forced, but one that is freely given and assured. This orthopedic center has met every single one of my standards in terms of hygienics, orthopedic equipment, orthopedic technique, and general care and regard towards the patient and his or her current treatment. At Éonus Specialty Ortho I have seen nothing but dedication, passion, diligence, and beautiful smiles.

– Austin Wertz

Thank you!*以上案例皆為本診所醫師親自診療,未經同意請勿任意轉載及使用 本診所療程皆由專業醫師評估後,依照個人口腔狀況,因每位患者個別狀況不同,治療後狀況也不盡相同,因此皆需親自來診所由醫師評估診斷。